Raffaele Giancarlo

Full professor

Università di Palermo

Raffaele Giancarlo is currently professor of Computer Science in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Palermo. He received a PhD in Computer Science from Columbia University in 1990. He has been affiliated (permanent, visiting) with several National and International Institutions, e.g., Univ. of Salerno, Bell Labs, Max Plank Institute, CNRS. He is currently associate editor in 5 journals, e.g., BMC Bioinformatics, Theoretical Computer Science. He holds 6 patents awarded by the US Patent Office , in Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing and Data Warehousing, and he is co-author of over 100 papers covering aspects of Pattern and Class Discovery, Classification, Information Retrieval, Data Analysis for the Life Sciences, Fundamental Algorithms, Information and Coding Theory. He has been and is actively involved in the Governance of Professional Societies, Research Consortia, nationally, and at University of Palermo, locally. Grant Reviewer, among others, for US NSF and the Royal Society, UK.


  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Classification and Machine Learning
  • Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
  • Data compression
  • Information retrieval