Paolo Perlasca

Assistant professor

Università di Milano

Paolo Perlasca is assistant professor at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Milan (Italy). His research was carried out in the data management area and was focused on data security, integrity and protection aspects with specific interests in data integration and propagation from multiple and heterogeneous sources, and in analysis and specification of access control models and security policies. His research has concerned, in addition to the security aspects, aspects of data representation and modeling for specfic areas. He has worked also on the intellectual property management and protection with particular interest in digital rights management systems license specification and management. In recent years, his interest has focused on the following research topics: development of efficient systems for analysis, merging and displayng large heterogeneous biomolecular networks.


  • Data security, integrity and protection
  • Data representation and modeling
  • Analysis, merging and displayng large heterogeneous biomolecular networks